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Repotting dying cactus?

Alright, so my mom tried to take care of my cactus and overwatered him. Should I take off the third, dying one? If so, should I go up a size in pot or just keep him in the same?
A bit terrified I'll kill him off completely πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 10 months ago
If the cactus has become mushy or Jell-O like it may not be saveable. If the whole thing has been overwatered you may just want to change soil in the same pot. If you are going to separate one and re-pot by itself I would definitely go with a smaller pot. Highly recommend using cactus soil + some extra perlite and a terra-cotta pot for cacti. Terra-cotta will help it to dry out better than plastic or ceramic.οΏΌ will. Good luck!
@AggroResting Thank you so much!
Just noticed your pot has no drainage. For plants that like to dry out such as cactus, which normally live in a desert… It’s really important to have proper drainage. If you are really attached to that pot you could repot a nursery pot with holes and use the old pot as a decorative cover.οΏΌ even if you change the soil, any water your plant doesnt use is going to sit in the bottom. Without a drainage hole need to be so, so careful about the amount of water used.
@AggroResting Yes, the pot does have holes in it but I don't use any clay or anything as of yet. I got him already potted so this will be my first repotting, which is why I was wondering if I should use the opportunity to go up a size. I already have a slightly bigger one with drainage but I'm a bit unsure if it's suitable to change size now or if I should let him grow a bit more?
@FatherPitayita my mistake, the card said no holes. Where the plant is recovering from being overwatered and one of the plants is dying, I would say to just change the soil and keep it in the same size pot. Remove anything rotten. only size up if the roots are getting very root bound and taking over the pot. And then only go up by maybe 1-2” in size. If the pot is too large for the plant you’re going to end up with pockets of water that the roots are not reaching to use. This could just lead to an overwatering problem again such as root rot.οΏΌ
@AggroResting Thank you very much again! I'll keep that in mind and buy something else for the bigger pot :)