Posted 1Y ago by @OpulentWorm

I was told to get a gardenia cuttings put it in a pot and cover it with a plastic bag completely. I’ve had this for about two months I uncovered it to take a picture to see if someone can tell me what to do? Thank youοΏΌ
0ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
How often have you been watering it? Was the plastic bag colored or clear? The bag essentially gives a greenhouse effect sealing in moisture
You could pull it out and take a look at the roots. It looks a bit dry, but you have green leaves growing!
Approximately water 2 times a week. The plastic is clear. It’s a baggy 😒
@sarahsalith okay, do I still leave it in the plastic?
@sarahsalith I don’t know what to do? Why are those leaves brown?
@OpulentWorm that's totally fine. Young plants and cuttings enjoy the extra humidity. (:
@OpulentWorm the leaves that are brown are dead and that's okay. You have little green leaves coming out which means your stick if alive!
You might want to change the plant type from a poinsettia to a gardenia. They have slightly different care requirement.
@sarahsalith it came out as poinsettia? I had put gardenia
It's okay. The app is still learning. You can easily change the name. Then, when you have a question, other folks with that type of plant are notified. I have both types of plants.

I'm glad your gardenia has new growth!
Should I water it and put the plastic over it again?