Posted 1M ago by @dianaajo

My zz plant is getting yellow/brown leaves and I don’t kn...

1ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
too much water? They can live without watering for weeks.

Edit: ah i see, last watered 14d ago. Then i assume that you damaged the roots a bit.
Oh no. Is there something I can/should do?
ZZ’s are pretty sensitive to overwatering so it could just be that. I find that they only need watering like once a month, or when the soil is completely dry. So I’d prune the yellow leaves off and let the soil dry out.
Yes, prune the yellow leafs. It helps to safe energy. This plant can easy handle dry periods but react directly to overwater. You cant do much, if the yellowing keeps going, maybe you have to repot in dry soil.
Sounds good! Thanks!!
I’m so very new with plants. Will someone let me know if these three babies are planted correctly?planted correctly.
The snake plant has a drain in the bottom. Do I take the drain out to water it that way or do I need a saucer underneath it?
Looks like too much water. I would check the soil to sew if it's really wet. Be careful of root rot from over watering.
Over water or too much direct sun
@ZestCalicobush yes, take the drain out and if you can water from the bottom by putting it in a tray or the sink. I water mine once a month and try to bottom water as often as possible. Bottom watering gets the roots and the plant will take all it needs. If you water and have a tray under don’t let excess water sit in the tray, dump it when you see it. Good luck! πŸ’š
You should check for healthy roots in case you have root rot from overwatering which causes anoxic conditions. Healthy roots should be firm with a white / tan color and an earthy smell. Trim any rotted roots with sterile shears. Change for fresh well drained soil. To help prevent root rot, add drainage holes to an inner grower pot (since you have a decorative pot, you can double pot. Decorative outside, grower pot with drainage holes inside).