Posted 1M ago by @SunflowerDaisy

Anyone have advice for growing cilantro, basil, and thyme?
I recently made a little herb garden and my plants are doing awesome! However my cilantro is growing way faster than I expected and now it's kind of tall and bending over. Any advice for how to keep it healthy?
Use them in your cooking often. The more you use them (cutting here and there) the more they give you back. They get lush.
water very often for basil, don’t let it dry out. also they grow super fast !! so you might have to prune a lot to keep them in shape
@PetPotato they don't have the right leaf shape yet or are very aromatic like cilantro normally is... should I use it yet?
@SunflowerDaisy, just make sure it is cilantro. Sometimes people make mistake with cilantro and a variety of parsley. Get a small leaf and mush it a little bit in between your fingers, the full scent should be aromatic for you to know. I hope this helps. Happy planting!

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