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Pinstripe Calathea Crispy Brown Leaf Tips

i was hoping to rescue this guy from the garden section; all of his leaves had dry, brown ends the day i got him. he's living near a humidifier now, and i've only been able to water him a few times in the 2.5 months he's lived here because his soil seems to be damp constantly... but the brown ends have only gotten worse.

any advice for how to better tend to my boy? thanks in advance folks n.n πŸ’ž #pinstripeplant #pinstripecalathea #browntips #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantparent
7ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Add bigger perlite, leca, org horticultural charcoal and some orchid bark and water once every week to two. Clip yellowing damaged stems to produce nutrients to the healthy parts
Maybe repot with dryer soil
does the pot have drainage holes? if not i would repot
Calathea are notoriously fussy, they will not tolerate their soil getting dry in between watering, so they need to stay damp but not wet.
They need distilled or rain water, the chlorine in tap water makes their leaves brown.
The humidifier won't necessarily help him, but let him live with other plants so he can get some humidity from them, maybe a tray under him with marbles and water too.
He needs a place with consistent humidity, the big swings in humidity will make him brown too.
He likes consistency! So don't place near radiator or air con, and not near any draft.
He wants some dappled sunlight as he is native to live under bigger trees, on the bottom of the forest. πŸ™‚ they are very hard to keep without the tips browning, so you have to be okay with that probably being the case πŸ™‚
You got some good advice here 😊 A repot might be in order for this guy. I think the humidifyer is great! Just make sure he doesn't stand in a draft or near a heater. Wintertime often brings some browning to my calatheas, but when spring and summer comes new beautiful leaves emerge and I can cut the dry ones 😊 This year I have placed many of them together in a cabinet to up the humidity for them, and it realy helps!

Also you got a Calathea Vittata here, not the pink pinstripe😊