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#echeveria Anybody know what's going on in the Second pic...

2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Your plant look great! I see it has some minor scaring on the leaves in the first picture and the second picture just shows areas that have been slightyl effected by water. Sometimes a little too much water can cause those issues but they are completely normal.

Does what cute pot have good drainage and is the soil a cactus mix or other well-draining soil?
First pic what's going on sorry
Usually they mark if you touch the leaves.
Thanks Sarah that's great to know the pot does have drainage the mix I'm not sure of I've not repotted since getting it about a month ago but will get some cactus, succulent mix
Thank you I do try not to touch the leaves when I have to water etc
Thank you I like it too I paid Β£2.50 for plant and pot together bargain eh πŸ₯°
You can probably leave it alone. There'll be plenty of time to repot later. There's no rush. (:
Ok I'll leave it yet then it seems happy thanks
@Chevysgirl11 NO WAY!? Omg that’s a steal!
Looks like the ferina was touched, (the powdery coating on leaves) this protects them from harsh sunlight, it doesn’t hurt the plant but it does affect the look of the plant. You don’t want it to come off completely because it protects it from burns. So be cautious of touching your leaves
I have the same echeveria! The ferina looks like it was touched. This acts as the plant’s spf (sun protection) try not to touch it. If I have to handle mine I use light gloves. Also, u may need a grow light as it’s spreading outwards (more open) it’s because they are spreading for more sun. As u give it more light, the leaves will start coming upwards in a more rosette position. Just a minor suggestion and is not entirely necessary.
I know wasn't it They had some funky looking cactus plants too "Sainsbury's" the store I got it from 😍
Thank you I actually would like to have my succulents all together under a grow light I will look into getting one Sometimes our
British weather is hit and miss with the β˜€οΈ have a lovely day πŸ’—
@Chevysgirl11 Ooouu! Look up Sheffield Plants on YouTube. He’s in the UK & has amazing recs on keeping plants in UK. He’s also super engaging & funny! Also! I got Sansi clip on (very versatile) grow lights that he uses & it’s by far my best investment for my succulents! πŸ’–
Yeah I've watched a few of his videos really good he is πŸ‘πŸΌI got my first grow light a few weeks ago off Amazon for my peace lily I'll definitely look into more lights I've heard good things about Sansi lights πŸ₯°
@Chevysgirl11 nice!! Yes the Sansi lights have been amazing! Can’t recommend them enough! 🫢🏻
On my list thanks and more shelves too πŸ˜ƒ
@Chevysgirl11 can’t wait to see it! πŸ’–