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Are these eggs? I found a bunch of little worms crawling in my monstera.. just changed the soil.. now I found these
Sorry forgot to attach pic
@KBolts3 they look like eggs of some sort. @sarahsalith @Gordo @HoyaAddict @RJG might be the best to ask here. I don’t think worms are bad.

This is what I found on Google:

Normally, earthworms aren't harmful to plants. On the contrary, they're beneficial, aerating the soil through their tunnels and enriching it with their castings. Worry castings is great for plants. I use them.
I think those are time release fertilizer balls. Can you squeeze one? Are they hard?
@RJG I did squeeze one and it like “popped”

I was repotting my monstera to a bigger pot yesterday and I noticed all these little crawlers in the soils.. I googled and I think the may be fungas gnat? So I got rid of as much soil as I could and repoted with fresh soil.. but this morning I found those sitting on the surface..
@KikiGoldblatt I think they are the bad ones lol. Fungas gnat maybe?
@KBolts3 yah I think those are slow release fertilizer balls. basically watering wears away at them and eventually they burst on their own and give a minor spot of nutrient to the soil.
@RJG Thankyou. May I ask you about the pests? It definitely had some.. so I repotted the plant with as much fresh soil as possible.. how to i combat these worm things.. they kinda looked like maggots but with little legs like a centipede. I read somewhere after I repotted it that I should wash the roots… I’m scared if I do that again after I just repotted the monstera that I will traumatize it.. might I add it’s a very big plant and it’s hard to do that. Any suggestions? I have the insect soap spray but I haven’t been able to find anything about spraying the soil.. only the leaves but my problem appears to be in the soil… I’m also not sure how they got in there in the first place as it’s never been outside. 😢 help I’m newer to the plant world and I’ve never had to combat these before
Those may not have been bad bugs. So as far as damage to your plant, I think you have nothing to worry about. The gnats can be stopped by bottom watering the plant #ButtChug). As for the other bugs in the soil, you can always water the plant with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. That will normally kill anything bad in the soil and it doesn't harm the plant!
@RJG will bottom watering still work if I recently upsized the plant pot? I’m assuming there will be some extra soil at the bottom that the roots haven’t reached yet. Thankyou so much for you help, much appreciated ❤️
@KBolts3 Yep! Because bottom watering isn't the roots taking in water but the soil absorbing water and having it available to the roots when they want it.
@RJG beautiful, Thankyou ❤️
@KBolts3 anytime!

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