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Leaves folding
Got an alcocasia melo a few days ago and now the leaves are folding inwards anyone know what’s going on? (The white splotches are from me misting it, need to clean the leaves lol) #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Alocasia
Leaves curling is a good indicator that your plant needs watered. If you notice it needs watered more frequently that usually means you need to go up a pot size
@Edie_McGoldrick ooooh, makes sense, soils kinda dry
Google says it's a lack of proper care but it could be adapting to your home because my black velvet did that for a few days. Are you giving it enough humidity?
@SpikeKing19 I’m misting it but idk if that’s enough…
@JJboi people say that that increases the humidity temporarily most people say to put a pebble tray under it. I do agree with @Edie_McGoldrick that it could be under watered but it might also be a combination of things
You could set it with a humidifier for a few hours, the transition from nursery to home could have shocked it, but some extra humidity could help it adjust
@SpikeKing19 @Edie_McGoldrick thanks for the tips she’s really perking up
Yep, give em some water. Alocasia are so dramatic😂
@Marthamaywho92 so true
I will chime in as a new alocasia parent, I found a pebble tray made life MUCH easier for me, and I definitely recommend them or a humidifier!
Hi, the leaves are curling down, which means there has been a change in lighting most likely. It is hiding most of the leaf surface to protect it, so it will not be obsorbing much water. DO NOT WATER. Let it dry out and then water, this allows the roots to catch up,especially if the plant has been growing fast. Leafs curling upward showing the underside is not enough water. I would advice to get a small humidifier instead of a people tray or spraying. I hope this helps, but of by any chance you lose leaves this is normal with these plants. Do not throw it out of all leaves are lost, it's just going dormant to protect it self and grow the roots. Young plants under 2 years need to build their root structure and acclimatize to new environments. This is a plant that does not like to be moved and likes consistent watering.
You do not have to change the lighting, it will get used to where you place it.

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