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Peperomia raindrop drying too fast?
My peperomia raindrop’s soil is completely drying out within 3-4 days after watering. Should I repot it into a bigger pot? Or be giving it a better soak when I water? I know they don’t like to be left wet or overwatered but the pace that it is sucking up water seems extreme.
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
I would maybe repot with fresh soil and see how it does
maybe they’re rootbound? check the roots, if they are then repotting should work :)
@mabes thanks!
@strawberrymoon thanks! Would you consider this rootbound?
@Leannem are the thin stringy things roots? sorry gegwjkeo ive never had a peperomia and i’m not too sure about what their roots look like
edit: if they are i think they’re like at the stage where they’re about to start getting a little bit rootbound?
@strawberrymoon I think the stringy things are roots??? Pileas have a fairly similar looking root system to the raindrop Peperomia. They are kind of weird. Most of my other plants are VERY obvious when they are rootbound because they have super thick roots that are exploding out everywhere. Maybe I’ll give it a tiny bit more time and keep a close eye on it. All the leaves are healthy and there is still new growth happening. Thanks!

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