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Removing toothpicks from avocado??
So when it comes time to plant my #avocado how am I supposed to remove the toothpicks?? I tried to remove one tonight/this morning due to mold and it just sort of broke off with the tip still in the pit... Also how big of a pot should I plant it in? It's currently about 10"/25ish cm with around 5"(12ish cm) or 6"(15ish cm) roots... #help #socalgreg #socalavocados #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #newgrowth #plantmafia #citrusgrandprix #avocadoexperiment #greatpothosexperiment #wickedvalkyrie
6ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 18 hours ago
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Once the plant has grown enough, the pit becomes obsolete. I’ve had some dry out and just fall off (once the plant is older). So leaving the toothpick or part of it in the pit is not a problem and won’t hurt the plant. 🙂 As for the pot, I plant mines in a rather big pot (to avoid repotting often) mostly for balance. I’ve had avocado trees grow taller than me and they’ll be easily knocked over if the pot is small, but if you don’t mind repotting every now and then you can start with a smaller pot. Honestly, I find them not picky. 😉 My only issue with them is I’ve had them outside znd they end up catching diseases/pests. I’m gonna try the next ones inside…
@WickedValkyrie I am following this as well. Love 💕 your avocado 🥑 plant. Mine is still rooting.
@KikiGoldblatt I still haven't seen anything promising from my other two so I feel you on that!
I don’t know if I can share a link here or not? I like those cones I got on Amazon (they should pop up if you search “propagation cones”). They work well for smallish pits…
@WickedValkyrie my last 3 failed 😞. So this is my 4th attempt 😂
Lastly… Lol… I follow this Australian guy on IG @leafylane I think… 🤔) and he jumpstarts his avocado pits by wrapping them in a somewhat moist paper towel and in a zip bag and leaving them in the pantry till they start rooting. Then he transfer them to water. I have 3 in my pantry right now… Lol… 🤞🏻🐞🍀
@KikiGoldblatt pretty sure I see a root coming in on yours!! 🙃🖤
@BeesZenGarden you can, indeed, share links on Greg. (:
Also @BeesZenGarden that's how my bestie started hers. Put it in a moist paper towel and plastic bag under the sink and literally forgot about it for almost a year... Lmao
@WickedValkyrie Southside Plants Aluminum Propagation Cone - Lightweight, Durable & Reusable Glass Vase Stand - Help Plant Holder Grow Your Own Plant | Pack of 3 (Deep Blue)
@WickedValkyrie @KikiGoldblatt The IG guy mentioned some pits germinate in a few weeks and some take months!… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤪🥑 So I guess patience is key… 😉 (I think I likely threw away some in the past that were maybe just late bloomers! Oops… 😬)
@BeesZenGarden unless mine rot I have no plans on getting rid of them (:
@WickedValkyrie I once had a set that were not growing and thought they were duds. I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away so I left them in a corner of my lanai and forgot about them! Months later I stumbled onto them, they had germinated and all crooked because they were trapped in the makeshift greenhouse I used for them! 😂 (btw, this has been the most successful method for me so far (but I live in Florida so that has to help… 😉). I stick the pit directly in a shallow dish of very wet soil, put it outside and make sure the soil is always damp.)
@BeesZenGarden I'm currently doing an experiment for #sciencewithgreg so these guys will stay in water, but I may try the soil method in the future! (:

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