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Wrinkly Lithops?
It first became wrinkly at the end of last week - and after reading it was most likely dehydrated, I gave it a good watering. But the wrinkles have not gone away, days now after watering. #SucculentSquad #LithopsBromfieldii
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
@Boymom-plantmom @Jana85 can y'all help?
@TempestasVulpis it looks fine, how long have you had them and what kind of soil are you using?
@Boymom-plantmom I’ve had them for about a month, and it’s black gold succulent cactus mix :)
Another photo where the wrinkling is worse
@TempestasVulpis I’m not a lithop expert (yet) but I think unless it wrinkles on the top it’s fine and during the summer and splitting even wrinkles on top are fine
Looks like the big one might bloom, soon. It’s opening up and it’s going to bloom then shed that outter layer while simultaneously giving the nutrients to the baby that it has inside.
They may be dormant. If you live where summers are hot (like mine currently is in Kentucky), they go dormant and will not absorb water until they are cooled down to under 67 degrees at night.
I’ve a few wrinkly ones, too, but I know watering them is risky if it’s too warm. If they’re dormant and don’t absorb the water, it can rot them.
Agree with the dormancy. I wouldn’t worry… these guys are way more likely to have trouble with overwatering than underwatering.

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