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who's got a #MonsteraMonday picture to show off?
my baby is still growing! but Herman is getting there! also check that #Guttation!! #MonsteraMob #HappyPlants #GregGang #GrowLights #RJGAsksGreg
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Kivu looking majestic this morning
He looks so goood!! I’m jealous - my monstera got a virus and I need to replace it
@Megan Oh that reminds me @AnnaLovesVoting better contribute today
@Curry are you billing for all these likes?
@Curry for a second i was wondering why you had Kivu
(Yes I named the monstera Anna gave me after her dog)
@Curry yes that became clear
Well I was already typing my response to myself when I saw you’d replied so it was too late to turn back
@Curry obviously. cant not bill for it
@RJG did you see what I named my zebrina
@Curry omg it's me unmedicated
@Megan i will keep an eye out for a monstera for you πŸ‘€
@MeganO yesss thank you πŸ™πŸ™
@RJG what am I supposed to contribute??
@Curry awww Kivu is so happy!
@AnnaLovesVoting your monstera duh
Mine really needs to be repotted with a moss pole - I’m waiting until I move next month though
@BJoyce i may actually redo Herman today
He’s grown 50% since I got him
@R_L15748 that has some thicc vines
Happy Monday from my Monsty .
Here’s mine with kitty Stella.
@KikisOasis hey Stella!
@RJG she said meow 😻
@RJG ya 4 new leaves have came out in the last 4 months.
@R_L15748 I feel like sometimes mine grows like 5 leaves at once then none for 2 months
This is my smaller girl!
I got her as a well@rotted cutting. She had three leaves and lost two after I potted her in soil but has produced a second leaf! She sits in my office”happy corner”! I can see that part of my office in my monitor when teaching virtually.
My beast. He gets his own chair.
here is my baby one year ago! she now is two times bigger
Monty is looking gorgeous today 😜
Happy #MonsteraMonday πŸŒ±πŸ’š
Monie da monster
Happy monstra Monday! I rescued this big guy on clearance half dead for $10. Already much happier
@RJG yes!
@Coko4lyfe beautiful shiny healthy leaves!
Allie just got bottom watered!
Beauty is developing more fenestrations and Beast seems to be enjoying his new moss pole. I think! #MonsteraMonday #MonsteraMob #Monstera
@RJG I’m going to repot Beauty with a moss pole. She’s huge and outgrowing this 10-inch pot she’s in
@Kaleigholiver one that I am wanting. Beautiful ❀️❀️
@Mojo did you see my other post about its new moss pole?
My mini monstera appears to be growing a new stem πŸ‘€
After treating for what I think were mites my monstera is happy and growing.
Stella, the pot was a Christmas gift from my husband. I still think no she need some cateye glasses!
She was a wedding gift from my sister 5 years ago!
she’s not very bushy but she is tall! 🌱 can’t wait to see what next growing season brings!
Trying desperately to stave off gravity until spring repotting πŸ˜‚
Really hard to believe he only had three leaves when I got him this summer!
My beauty 😍
Yass they look so good when they’re happy! That James Baldwin painting tho. πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸŒ±
@Megan I have a fully rooted baby I could send you. My dog β€œpruned” my monstera a while back. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
I’m picking up my cuttings today, first Monstera ever πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί your plant looks gorgeous
@Steeze365daily An ICON
@Sasquatch that’s so sweet! I actually JUST replaced it this morning but I appreciate the offer!!
Wow I am so jealous!!

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