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What is this on my alocasia leaf?
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@leafmealone247 make sure you have ALL the soil off if you're going to put it in water.

I have had a love/hate relationship with my Polly for 2 years and I don't think I'm the best person to ask about water propping and alocasia.

If you add #AlocasiaAddicts to the original post, you can get in touch with SO MANY FOLKS who love their Alocasias and will have amazing information.

I personally, have never put mine in water. I'd be nervous it would rot.

I do let mine dry out well between waterings now. I keep it in a bright spot that gets filtered light.

If you see the rotting roots, I would cut them off with a clean pair of scissors to stop the rot.
It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like your plant is just going to toss that leave.
If you take a look at #Alocasia or #AlocasiaPolly, you'll see that LOTS of folks go through a difficult time finding their plant's happy spot.

Most Alocasias are consistently notorious for growing a leaf and losing a leaf
@sarahsalith a few days ago i was checking her roots and she had root rot. So i moved her to water reather than soil. What should I do?
@ManyLime can you help? (:
@sarahsalith should i cut that leaf off
@leafmealone247 you can if you want. If the plant is finished with that leaf, it will drop it regardless.  you would just be helping it along.
@sarahsalith how long will it take for the new leaves to grow?
Sorry im late! Hmm.. I don't know if you can water prop alocasia honestly. Mines had 2 leaves looking like that yesterday. I just cut them off and moved on. It's wasting energy on leaves that are going to die anyway
@leafmealone247 I would move it to a well draining soil…something with perlite rather than just leaving it in water…that way it gets all its nutrients…but make sure the new pot has drainage too
@ManyLimewhat soil mix did u use and hownlong will it take for the leaves to grow?

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