Posted 2w ago by @ZestfullyDwarf

Iv been wanting this plant it come though the mail would you water this plant
Soil looks dry dry but if you bought it from a small seller, like on Etsy or FB, I would message them to see when it last received water.
@Blau_Ozean the soil is really dry I like to wait 24 hours after getting a new plant to water but this one is really dry
@ZestfullyDwarf I don’t think waiting until tomorrow will hurt it while it adjusts to your house climate πŸ˜„
@Blau_Ozean thanks
I would water it in 2 days after receiving. That’s what I usually do.
i usually wait a week but if the soil is super dry + there was no major damage during the repot, you can probably water after 2~3 days :)

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