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Dying Triostar stromanthe

help! my friend shipped me a plant as a gift and she did not do well in transport. is there any way i can bring her back to health? #health #TriostarStromanthe
2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
She really doesn't seem that bad in the pictures. I would continue to care for her normally and allow her to settle in. She may be suffering from shock. Go lightly on the water till she acclimate to her new home. Remove any dead or unhealthy leaves that are drawing energy away from the others. Bright light, warm temp. PRAY to the plant God's. HAPPY GROWING πŸͺ΄
@Stall54Jo will do, thank you!!!!
@neeeeeena Welcome to Greg, Neena! I agree with @Stall54Jo, the plant is suffering from plant transplant. It will take a few weeks to settle in.

This plant needs bright indirect light to thrive. In fact, it will open and close its leaves throughout the day in response to light! Avoid harsh direct sunlight that may burn your plant's leaves.

Keep the soil slightly damp, but not soggy. Water your Stromanthe Triostar when the top inch of the soil is dry. Stromanthe Triostar loves a humid environment, so it's best if you can mist it every day. It prefers a warm room temperature between 65-80Β°F.
Oh it’s not too bad!! @Stall54Jo got it right :)
Hey neena - she doesn’t look like she’s dying, actually she looks healthy! check the soil if it’s dry give her some distilled water or leave a tap water overnight and water her. They love moist soil but not wet- so let the soil dry 1in before watering.

The brown spots on this plant are very hard not to get- it comes with lack of humidity, poor water, and indirect light. Even some of the plant people i follow on instagram and Pinterest -when they show this plant off they seem to have those marks, so I stopped worrying about it and try my best to give it a comfortable environment.

Give it plenty of indirect bright light for the pink and white to really show on new growth!
@KikiGoldblatt will definitely do that, thanks!!
@Vjunc oh that’s a relief! thanks so much :)
@JCPlantProper hopefully she’ll get even better!!!
Just to add this plant loves to be dramatic but she’s worth it with those beautiful leaves 🀩. She still looks pretty perky so I completely agree with advice above. FYI and maybe it’s just my triostar but I planted her in an airy soil and water her much more than I expected (like every 3 days usually) it’s almost double my other tropical plants. Also her leaves move throughout the day as the light changes so that’s really cool because every time I pass her she’s slightly different.
@Nataliesplants she certainly is dramatic! i’m a little scared bc i’m a relatively new plant mom and i don’t really know if tiny crispy brown parts or curling is normal or maybe like you said i’m not watering her enough? aaaah
@neeeeeena it could be humidity too if it’s slightly too low. Honestly though when I bought mine from the nursery it had little brown tips and I just cut them off and continued to monitor and she did well and hasn’t gotten too crispy again. I would recommend to keep your routine for a few weeks and see how she responds. Mailing can definitely stress a plant out and sometimes in my opinion it just takes them a few weeks to acclimate. She still looks great in your pic so your on the right track!
@Nataliesplants alright, thank you!!!
I wish I could offer help but I had bad luck with mine which I was so sad about because it’s such a beautiful plant! I recently added grow lights to my plants so I may take a shot at another if I find one!