Posted 1M ago by @RosieRick

Bitten leaves
It started as 1 random one but now that’s a lot of leaves that have been munched on , this is my only plant like this an I can’t figure out what’s eating it. So someone please help!
2ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Something is definitely chewing on the leaves. Have you seen any indications of pests?
@Pegster I haven’t seen anything other than the leaves being chewed so I’m lost.
@RosieRick I agree with @Pegster on this. Something has been munching on your golden potho. I would start off with an insecticidal soap and spray your entire plant every 7 days. Make sure to also isolate your plant from your others to keep the infestation down.
What animals are around? Even inside my cats sometimes go after my plants.
@Horve1 I only have a small dog , he’s chewed it before but hasn’t since .
@KikiGoldblatt I was thinking that but I wasn’t sure , so now I’m at Walmart to get some ! Also she is in a corner alone as we speak & always has been so I’m glad that she is now lol. Thank you!
@RosieRick that’s good news. Wishing you luck. Pests can hide in places you wouldn’t think to look at. Also since it’s still growing season, but this is just me tho, I always change the soil as well.
So it’s pretty definitely insects. I agree with @KikiGoldblatt
@KikiGoldblatt which one would be better? These are the only 2 my Walmart has
@RosieRick definitely Neem Oil.
@KikiGoldblatt thank you!
@RosieRick you are so very welcome.

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