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Curling leaves on a #JapaneseMaple

This happened last year too, and we thought it was the sun, but we haven’t had much intense sun this year yet. It’s in a big pot, and only affects some of the leaves. It’s in a south facing yard, but there are trees above it that provide some shade. Is this a disease?

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It still sun. Mine, literally, can't get more under a tree than it is and the sun still hits it and does this. I tried to get good pictures, but I had to do it from the porch so it was hard.
I’m no expert, but we do have a Japanese Maple that’s been pretty healthy. I don’t think it’s any kind of watering issue, as the leaves don’t look to be yellow or brown. Looks like some sort of fungus or insect issue. Aphids and mites come to mind. I would first hose off your tree really well (undersides too) and then treat with an insecticidal soap/neem oil. It could also be an issue with your soil. These trees tend to like a soil with a decent acidic level (6-7 ph) . I would test that, and if need be, amend the soil with manure/mulch. As with most plants/trees there are so many environmental stresses that can occur. I would continue to keep it moist, but no β€œwet feet”. I hope this helped a little. 😊
So we’ve had a Japanese maple for as long as we’ve lived in our house. I don’t think they love being in a pot. Ours gets direct sun all day. I also use a few fertilizer stakes for trees each year. Is it possible to get it out of the pot? I can find a picture so you can see mine.
He doesn’t grow that much. Gets a bit fuller every year and a little taller but stay pretty compact. This guy was planted roughly in 2000. Or atleast the neighbors house you can see. That’s what he told me.