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My plant soil will not dry out! I got this plant around a...

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi @abbysaunders . Sounds like you need to do an intervention. The soil that it’s in may not be appropriate for Shane (he can’t swim very well). You may need to switch it out OR if it’s not getting enough light/heat to dry it out - that may also be an issue.
I agree with @snowtrooper Hun! I would have expected you to see SOME drying by now .. I'm not really familiar with Shane's species but looks like a succulent, in which case I'd definitely repot him!! It'll let you check for root damage due to the massive watering, and allow you to dry him out to prevent any future damage! πŸ₯° 10 days should be long enough for him to have acclimatised, though he'll likely go into shock for a few days once you've moved him. You can totally use the same pot, I just wash out, sterlise and replant in the same pot with fresh substrate πŸ₯° it's scary repotting new babies for the first time but I think it's for the best in Shane's case? Xxx
@JenniB81 I suddenly want to post more just so you can call me β€œHun.” It’s like a warm hug with a shot of whiskey.
@snowtrooper you Cannae beat a wee dram Hun, even on a warm day πŸ₯°
@snowtrooper @JenniB81 thanks for the advice! he’s been repotted (with some difficulty, that booger has so many vines!) we’ll see how he does in the next few weeks :)
Keeping everything crossed for you and Shane @abbysaunders ❀️ xx