Posted 2Y ago by @peppermintblues

I got this peppermint yesterday and it became like this i...

It has direct sunlight all morning (around 27Β°C), shade in the afternoon, and I watered this morning #peppermint
If you watered and it hasn’t perked up then that might be a little too hot for it
Thank you for your answer 😊 I'll keep an eye on it! Have a nice day!
The plan you have is not a peppermint οΏΌit’s a Basil sending you some information I hope you don’t mind. Be Bless😁
I bought it as peppermint (which I've had at home before but never cared for myself). I have basil too which I bought along this one c: maybe the picture I took was not clear enough? πŸ€”
The nose always knows. What do you smell?