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Losing stems
I have 2 UFO plants, and they are drama to the max! I've moved them several times, I water them, baby them but they just don't seem happy. They keep losing stems/leaves.
I've attached a pic of 1 of them. Although it has some new growth, the one hanging down looks like it's about to go.
Pls help
The pot is tiny, and I don’t see if you have drainage or not? πŸ€” Mine lost a few leaves when I was watering too often. Chinese money plant like lots of indirect light and good draining soil (a pot with drainage is a must). Give them a good drink when the soil is quite dry, then wait to water again till the soil gets dry again. I recently moved mine right next to a window -as it was growing rather slowly- and it’s growing like crazy towards the window now. I would repot yours, and relocate them. Check the roots, remove brown mushy ones. If the roots have not rotten, they should recover. πŸ€žπŸ»πŸžπŸ€
I agree - drainage? Such a pot is Better for sprouting seeds than plants that need to dry out.
Ty guys for your advice on the pot, lighting, and roots.
I will do all of the above. 😁
So grateful for you all

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