Posted 4M ago by @LittleSongbird

What do you guys think of this necklace?
Looking for a wearable plant and found this. It's Sempervivum which I know is finicky but what do you think? #succulentsquad #sempervivum #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict
I think if you wear it when out for the day and leave it under good light when not wearing it, you should be okay! It may outgrow it fast but you can always put a new baby succulent in there πŸ’• reminds me of this tiny pot I have!
Oh and I utterly love it haha.
Succulents represent endurance, courage, and power in the face of adversity. And the necklace will represent this also. πŸͺ΄πŸ˜πŸ€—
@LittleSongbird Unless you work or spend most of your time outside, unfortunately I don’t think it would get enough light to live for very long….technically you could wear it during the day and when you take it off in the evening place it under a grow light all night. Cacti and succulents need lots of light, 6+ hours of direct sunlight to be happy. 12hrs+ under a grow light. πŸ’•
@LittleSongbird I do not recommend the second one. Cacti hate high humidity, this will kill it pretty quickly. πŸ₯΅
@HoyaAddict Thanks!! I'm looking into air plant ones-- but I might go with the one in the original post as I don't go out very often!
@LittleSongbird I love the little airplant earrings! First one will be great and give more growing space. Just always stick it next to a window or under a grow light when not wearing it πŸ’š Can’t wait to see!