Posted 1w ago by @RosieRick

Why is my #philodendron birkin brown?
When I bought this baby it was already brown but it’s never changed I’m just curious as to why it’s like this yanno? I split it the other day an re potted them both an they’ve been thriving. But I’m just curious an confused why the plant is brown an crunchy on this one part, but there’s new growth on the other side? Send help lol
What size pot did you repot it in? Your original was a 5" so the new pots should be smaller depending on the roots. You want to size the pots depending on the root size.
@AwesomePlants the grey pot is the same pot that it was in. The bigger pot is the only other one I had I didn’t plan on splitting it until I seen that it was actually 2 plants .
@RosieRick it's probably in too big of a pot. I'd pull it out and look at the roots. I like to have different size pots so I can see which size it needs to go in based on the roots. Honestly, it probably could have stayed all together in that original pot. But if you want 2 plants, put that smaller one in a smaller pot size.

If a plant is in too big of a pot, it can cause root rot.

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