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Can this plant be added? Echeveria ‘Viyant’
#GregFeedback #Plantopedia Hey Greg team 👋 I’m having trouble adding a new entry to the Plantopedia. Would someone please add this one if you get a sec? Here’s a screenshot of the listing I bought from Etsy and two pics I took. PS- because there are a thousand little echeveria varieties, adding a generalized, catch-all “Echeveria” option too could help contain the guessers
I’m having trouble also. Someone made up a common name and now my Asante Sana is some fairy something. 😠 Annoying. Btw you got a good deal!!
Oh that is freaking adorable! I’m a sucker for chonky succulents!
@Yeeha234 lol darn common names! and yeah this shop really delivered for the prices
@Roserade IKR it was a love at first sight. really hoping to keep it alive 💚
@ivysaur Which shop? I’m totally online looking rn…
@Roserade “chonky” I love it!
@Yeeha234 I’ll just go ahead and reveal the whole Etsy shopping spree lol 😂

Purple: WalawalaPlants
Blue: 1amSucculents
Green: QueenofSucculents

Overall, I’m happiest with the plants from 1amSucculents because while their plants were small, they had the best roots by far. All sellers packed very similarly. Almost all arrived in good shape. The one plant that didn’t (far left) was super fragile so it was a risk anyway. Walawala included free seeds. Queen had the biggest plants.
Oh girl…bought from most of them at some point to see who has what. The Queen has gotten most of my biz but look at Succulent Market…theirs are huge…
MirageofEden too
Hahah looks like a cupcake! 🧁
The Echeveria is added! I'll look into an Echeveria Sp catch all. That's a good idea.
@RJG woooo thank you 😊

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