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Ready to pot up?
I have this pepperomia (autocorrected to pepperonis 😂) and nerve plant prop box going.. is the guy in the upper right ready for his own pot yet?? He has a small root system and about 5 small leaves. They have been super successful and fun to watch!! #PropagationStation #PropBox #PepperomiaPod #Pepperomia #PepperomiaEmeraldRipple @Nightshade
@kscape maybe you have an opinion? 😂
@tango haha! I was literally typing as you tagged 🤣🤣

I honestly would repot, but check the roots! How do they look? If they’re about 2-4 inches, personally I think it would be time to repot, but I’ve converted most of my peperomias to grow in water, cause soil is getting expensive for me 😅💙
@kscape ok! Sounds good… thank you!
@tango I’m so sorry if I wasn’t of much help! Considering the fact that’s it’s growing leaves, I would say it’s ready 🪴
@kscape oh no it was very helpful!!! I didn’t know you could propagate in water either, so that’s some new info!! I’ll send you some soil if you’re ever in need… 😊
@tango oh yes! You can actually keep it in water forever and it’ll do fine 💧😊
@kscape that’s so cool!! Maybe with one of the cuttings in there right now… 🤔
Here it is!! Featuring a tiny cloche to mimic the environment it was propagated in!! ♥️ @kscape
@tango I love this!! 😭
@kscape I’ve been waiting for the perfect plant to use it on!!! This one is in a 1 1/2 in pot so it’s the only one that fits!!!

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