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Does anyone have suggestions for tools to use for measuring liquid fertilizer? I'm not sure how to get those tiny milligram amounts! Thanks!
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@UnbiasedTree we might have the same ones. I have a large bottle for outdoors and the small pumps for some indoor plants.

The small bottles show how many pumps per quart of water.

I prefill water bottles based on labels instructions. And then water the plant based on Greg’s water measurements INSTEAD of Greg’s Fertilizer amounts. Then you can schedule your feetilizeing based on the bottles suggestion as well.

Since Greg doesn’t know which fertilizer you are using the suggestions can be off by quite a bit.
Hey Melissa, what fertilizer are you using? Mine shows the amount to per gallon/oz of water on the label. The fertilizer is measured with the cap.
How many ml is tiny? If it is very small could you use a medicine cup or syringe?
@Beeps I honestly have nothing-special Miracle Gro brands, I can show you! It has directions on the back built since Greg gave me smart fertilizer notifications im not sure how accurate the app is πŸ˜…
@mysugaredlife Greg recommends as little as 13 milligrams for my smallest succulent! I just did not know how to measure that lol, my food scale doesn't even measure that
These are the ones I use! Thanks for the advice everyone!
@UnbiasedTree wouldn’t a liquid fertiliser be measured in millilitres?

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