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Heyo! I'm doing a supply run and I had a couple questions about what I should get.
1, what kind of drainage medium should I get? (Perlite, pebbles or something else) I need some for my rosemary, as her drainage is a little lacking.
2, is there a specific type of neem oil I should get? I'm dealing with either fruit flies or fungus gnats (I think they're fruit flies- they're very small and don't seem to be damaging the plants and I have a lot of fruit flies in my house all the time annoyingly) and I'm at my wits end. XD
3, what kind of pot do you guys recommend for a pothos plant and a snake plant? I'm looking to get some soon but I'm not sure about the pots. (Each would be in a 4 inch growers pot when I get them, ready to repot.)
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I recommend spraying any new plants with Natria, an insecticidal soap. It's also safe and gentle to use at any time on all your plants.

I'd only recommend Neem oil if you have visible pests. If you do use Neem oil, make sure you keep the plant out of light while the leaves are still wet, otherwise you'll damage the leaves.

Best way to combat fungus gnats is to bottom water. You fill a container full of water and place your pot with drainage holes in it to water. Once you can see or feel the topish layer is moist, it's done watering. For smaller pots, I'd suggest starting off for a few minutes, let it drain for like 20 and check the soil. Better to underwater and bottom water again than over water. Once you do this a few times, you'll get the hang of how long each of your plants need to bottom water for.
Do you already have the plants?

Is it just the pothos and snake plant?
Hi birdie- for 1- any medium will due ( I prefer perlite) 2- there isn’t a specific type of neem oil (just read the directions if it isn’t already β€œready to spray”) 3- nursery pots are the best! And you can buy decorative pots to put them inside that way when it’s watering day you can pull them out water let drain and then put back in the pot! I hope this helps! And happy shopping πŸ› lol
@AwesomePlants I don't have the plants yet, I was waiting to order them (etsy) until I got/ordered the pots. And it's just the 2 :)
@Vjunc thanks! ^v^

If I do get the Perlite, should I mix it with the soil or just pit a layer on the bottom?
@RootedSnowdrop I would mix it! 3 part soil and 1 part perlite.
@Vjunc tysm! :)
@AwesomePlants thank you! Is natria safe to use on my edible plants?
Natria, Neem
I'd suggest the Miracle Gro Indoor Potting Mix soil.

You can mix in some Perlite to help with drainage:

I also started adding worm castings to my soil mixes as suggested by #Greggers . You can find this at any local stores (Lowes etc)
@sarahsalith is Natria safe to use on edible plants? @RootedSnowdrop
As the other #Greggers suggest, nursery pots work great. My newbie mistake was buying all the self watering pots when the nursery pots worked best and were FREE because they came with the plants. Just save all your pots so when it's time to size up, you'll have pots to put them in.

If you do buy decorative pots, you can slip the nursery pot right in it so you don't have to worry about your plant having drainage.

If you want to plant directly into a pot, make sure it has drainage holes on the bottom.

Let your new plants adjust to your home for a week or two before repotting.

If the roots aren't poking out of the bottom, you can repot by adding fresh soil and putting the plant back into the same pot.

If a lot of roots are poking out of the drainage holes, then it's time for a new pot size.

You should determine the new pot size based on the roots, not the plant height. Only size up about 1-2 inches in diameter in pot size. Putting a plant in too big of a pot will cause root rot.
@RootedSnowdrop are you in the US? Will these be your first indoor house plants?

If so, I'd suggest instead of Etsy, visit a local nursery so you can pick your own plant and inspect it. Or even Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot.
@AwesomePlants these are not my first houseplants! I keep all my plants inside, (excluding my new england fern and rosebush) I currently have Rosemary, Lavender, and Aloe Vera, but I have done a ton of research on other plants and their care. I am in the US! I find the price and selection is best on etsy, and I have been looking for these plants for a while. Lowes always has snake plants in a pot with other plants, and their pothos are not the variety I've been hoping for. (Pearls n' jade!) I haven't looked at any nurseries... they intimidate me. XD There aren't many in my area anyway.
@RootedSnowdrop Gotcha! Oooh! I don't have a pearl and jade yet, please tag me if you buy one once you receive!

Ugggh! Isn't that the worst seeing someone's "creation" of the WORST mix of plants in a pot!?! Like, who decided to put these plants together? They generally all have different light and water needs yet someone thought it was a brillant idea to pot them together AND charge extra! πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ k, rant over 😜
@AwesomePlants I'll definitely show you once I get one ^_^
And yeah it's so annoying! Like, why would you put a snake plant and 4 different succulents in one pot!?!?!? And then charge extra, for what? A mess? πŸ˜‚
@AwesomePlants yes- it's safe to use on edible plants.
@sarahsalith great! Ty ^v^
And of course... they didn't have Perlite, neem oil, OR the soil I needed at my local Lowes! I need to order stuff online. >:((

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