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Bleeding succulent ?!?
I wonder what could be causing my wooly rose (echeveria setosa) to look like this? Though I suspect, i stressed it by overwatering as more of its leaves are turning shriveled and yellow. But it occured that it seems to be bleeding too? At first i thought it was water on top, so i wiped it. After a few hours, it turned like that again on one of its leaves ( top left). Has anyone encountered this with their succs? 😞 #SucculentSquad
4” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
i’m not a succspert (succ expert?? sounds gross, throwing that portmanteau out), but it def looks like overwatering to me. it’s kinda hard to see but if it’s leaking clear/water-like fluid, that’s another strike on the overwatering tally. if the fluid is reddish, it could be a sunburn problem.
@nomoredeadplant thanks for the info, yes it’s a water-like fluid. I guess overall prob is over-watering then. Hopefully they’re salvageable 😞
Mexican Firecrackers usually love to grow outdoors and love to be dry.

Overwatering is definitely the problem here, but I would absolutely also check their roots, to make sure there’s no root rot happening or forming.
@kscape thanks! I just removed them from the pot, seems there’s drainage problem and the pot might’ve been too big for them. Will try my best to save these lil ones once i dried their roots.
@drakosmüm I’m hoping they work out for you! Also, this is my experience with river rocks and pebbles, but it seems that succulents that have rocks on their top soil tend to have drainage issues as well.

I love the look of pebbles in plants, but I, personally, cannot get them to work, as well as other people who are newer to plants. I had an echeveria that I had placed pebbles in, and it also started doing some weird funky things with it leaves.
@kscape ohhhhh 😲 will observe that gosh, they’re being too finicky lately 😓

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