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I’m new to this app. How do I find what is wrong with thi...

2ft to light, indirect
Last watered 1 month ago
The app helps identify the plants & their needs and your conditions. The community helps each other by sharing their knowledge or experience. You might be able to find someone who had a similar issue by clicking #Dieffenbachia ☺️ If your plant card is correct and your plant doesn’t not have drainage, it may be retaining too much water. That could be the cause of the leaves drooping. If that’s the case, I would suggest transferring it to a pot that holes and use well draining soil.
Thank you. It does have a drain hole on the bottom.
@WinFormosalily I’m looking for an app that will help diagnose and provide guidance on how correct the issues. So, I guess this isn’t the app.
@WinFormosalily what exactly is wrong? Do you have pictures? I have some dieffenbacchia, and I can say they like indirect light, and with how light colored the leaves of your dieffenbacchia are, if any direct rays are hitting it, it can cause sunburn and the leaves to get brown edges. They need regular watering, these plants don’t store water in their leaves, and they don’t like to dry out. They also don’t like drafts either, it can cause browning on the leaf edges. As the plant ages, the lower leaves will naturally turn yellow and fall off. If you need more help, post a picture I. The comments. This community is really really great and super knowledgeable.