Posted 3w ago by @Vjunc

Anyone know what this is?
I know it’s not sun burn because it’s the back of the plant - the watering schedule it is going good so far, I sprayed the plant when I got it and cleaned all the leaves 2 of the leaves looked like this I pruned them just to be safe and now another leaf has it!
8” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
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If it does, let us know and we will troubleshoot from there!
My initial guess is scarring from previous damage. Is it soft or hard?
It does look like physical damage @Vjunc @PlantMompy did you notice the pattern looks the same know both leaves? Were the effected leaves in close proximity to each other?

Brown leaf tips on a Satin Pothos indicates a lack of humidity. Really dry air can mean the plant transpires a lot more, which is when it loses moisture through the leaves. This can cause the tips to dry out and become brown.
It looks physical to me too. I’d just trim off the leaf and a new one and maybe even a branch will grow
@PlantMompy hard around the trim and soft in the center- the leaf feels fine the steam is healthy it’s just that part
@KikiGoldblatt the humidity in our house is currently 62% should I raise it by turning on our humidifier?
@Jilliebeanstalk I think I might just do that! It looks sad 😭
I agree with @Jilliebeanstalk I think it's likely physical but best to cut them off and get new growth!
@KikiGoldblatt @Jilliebeanstalk @PlantMompy @Stall54Jo thank you ladies!! I ended up just cutting it and hope it doesn’t happen to another leaf!
I think that if this happens to yet another leaf we have to consider some type of disease form. My Thailand was like this due to humidity issues and lost all but one leaf. Had to greenhouse him. He has 3 leaves now and is still struggling.

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