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Birds Nest Fern Help

Hello! I just recently got this birds nest fern from costa farms. I’m terrible at keeping plants alive so I’m clueless. Does this plant look okay? Should the leaves be drooping like a couple in the picture? Hopefully I attached pictures correctly 🙃
8ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Is it not growing, or is there something wrong that makes you wonder? If there is something specific attach it to a comment. But, I’m gonna tag my sister @EZLennyLance for one reason only… I had one of these from Costa Farms as well. To be fair, mine was in the clearance rack and I thought I could rescue it After about 6 months, no growth and no change. It just looked so sad and so weak. I bought a new one from Costa (and it looks like your photo) and my sister took the rescue. Weeeeellll, she discovered it had a root binder on it (and she might have pictures?). So I checked my new one and sure enough, it also had one. Once removed, both are doing well. Hers is on the road to recovery.

Make sure you bottom water them. Don’t pour water on their crown as it can cause rot, and keep their soil moist, not wet and you should do fine!
@GentlemanEncina I’ll help where I can, please let me know if you have any questions. If you do end up having a fabric mesh bag over the roots, I’ll add some info here.

This is what a root binder looks like, you have to really look for it, because it is the color of literal dirt! You’ll see the texture is just off from the texture of soil, but it’s there. I wouldn’t try to pull it off, it does too much damage, especially if it’s been on for awhile (I learned that the hard way), I’d carefully cut the fabric mesh on all four sides (top to bottom and do your best to avoid the roots) to allow the roots to spread out after you pot it.

You’ll see if your plant has a binder by really looking at almost the center of the root ball and sometimes you’ll see it at the base of the plant, right before the roots start. It will look like it’s overly dark at the center of the root ball, but that’s your mesh. Good luck!🍀
@TheOddAsity im not sure on the growing I honestly got it maybe a week ago. I read about the center “nest” and keeping that as dry as possible so I made sure to water the edges around the plant. It came in a self water pot but the wick was missing so they are sending a new one. The center has lots of new shoots coming out so I think it’s still okay. I just don’t know how droopy this plant should get. I guess I’m just trying to stay ahead of problems. The mesh is interesting and something I’ll have to look into. Because it’s so fresh though I don’t think I want to start digging around its roots this early do I? That seems like a lot of stress for a fresh environment also.
@GentlemanEncina I usually get right to repotting my plants so they undergo stress of new place and new pot/soil at the same moment, but that’s just me. Everyone does what’s best for them so don’t feel any pressure to do it someone else’s way. If you go to my oasis, you can see a pic of mine. They get pretty droopy, I guess. The tips of bottom-most leaves drop below the edge of the pot by an inch or more. My Boston fern is really droopy. So far he looks pretty healthy to me. Welcome to Greg!