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What's a good pot for succulents that's not a pot
At the grocery store I work at we're selling succulents and this poor little guy has been loosing a lot of leaves(?) One of them is starting to grow roots and I'm thinking of taking it home and proping it but I've never done this, any good tips? #succulents #propagationstation #plantingonabudget
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I put mine in a shallow dish of succulent soil after the end callouses over. You can let it callous somewhere warm and dry so it doesn't rot! As the plant grows roots, it will use water and nutrients from the original leaf. When the leaf gets all shriveled it's done, and might fall off or you can pluck it if the plant seems strong. Good luck! I hope your prop is successful!
@vvvelo uses pistachio shells and has had success !
@RJG I stopped using them. I guess dry soil works good and the same way as shells.
@vvvelo good to know
@RJG it’s time to propagate more succulents lol.
@vvvelo it's always time!
@RJG but not salted shells, correct?
@Kwanna I assume he washed any shells he used but idk

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