Posted 1Y ago by @Sierrajelsegood

My Lucky Bamboo has gone white overnight

About 2 weeks ago my lucky bamboo started yellowing due to overwatering but once I stopped watering it for a while it got much better. However, as of the last day it’s suddenly developed large white patches all over its leaves. Does anyone know what is causing this? I water it about once every 2 weeks and give it a spray every week. It has been outside for the last couple weeks due to moving houses, could too much sun exposure have anything to do with it?
1ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
Yes I think those two large white patches could be sunburn. Was the plant outside and partially shielded from the sun? In that case it would make sense that it just has the white spots here and there.
@WayoutRanch Thanks for your help, it was outside with partial shade, so I’m assuming it is sunburn. I’ve now moved it inside near the window. :)