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Looking for the best #LuckyBamboo fertilizer. 2 of my lucky bamboo plants are in water and one is in soil. The one in soil isn’t thriving and I had to cut a lot of the stem down.
2” pot
Last watered 2 days ago
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Pretty sure @Sassylimey has some lucky bamboo. (One of the Sara(h)'s does, just can't remember which atm...) She may be able to help
Are you using distilled water? Your water bamboo is yellowing and it could be a sign of hard water damaging the roots.

If your soil bamboo isn’t thriving, there could be issues with the roots, so I would suggest checking that. Also water with distilled water.

I don’t use fertilizers for bamboos as with the right conditions and soil, they usually thrive. 😊🎋
@kscape I’m using purified water. The one in soil isn’t the roots. It was yellowing since I purchased it. I had it in water the first 2 weeks then I trimmed off the yellow part of the stem and put it in soil.
I've had my bamboo in water for years, once in a while I'll empty out the container and rinse off the stones and check the roots and put the bamboo back in the container with the stones. I do make sure my bamboo has rain water or distilled water.
I’ve had my Bamboo for 20+ years in water. It do not like tap water. I’ve tried bottled (Spring/Pure) water and filtered water and I still get a few yellow leaves. 🙁
But for the last 30 days I’ve I’ve been using distilled water with a very mild fertilizer. I think he likes it🙂.
If you use bottled water read the labels. Don’t buy it for your plants, if the label says: “minerals added for taste”. The mineral buildup maybe toxic to your plant. Learn from my mistakes. I hope you will enjoy your plant for many years to come.
I’m experimenting with Schultz 10-15-10 Liquid Plant Food. It’s a mild fertilizer and I’m not using it at full strength yet. Companies now have special fertilizer for Bamboo in water, but I haven’t tried them yet.

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