Posted 2w ago by @charlottelanders

Can anyone tell me the situation of these roots? I’m not particularly an expert with monsteras 😭

And which soil would be best to repot in? #help #Monstera
Roots are in good health but there isn’t many atm, don’t use a pot too large, just about an inch each side if you ball the roots up will be great. A nice aroid mix works well, potting soil , perlite, bark, charcoal mixed in equal parts will be great! Lots of drainage but also moisture retaining. Don’t press the soil down around the roots when you pot it up, keep the soil nice and light and airy. Good luck! Monstera are pretty resilient and will let you know if they’re not happy πŸ˜†
@HoyaAddict thank you so so much!!! Will do!
@charlottelanders @HoyaAddict knows her stuff and is πŸ’― correct.
@charlottelanders Anytime πŸ˜€
@charlottelanders share with us how this cute monstera look after being in her pot

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