Posted 7M ago by @HotshotMena

Left the window cracked near my 🪴 and a cold front came. When I got home my 🪴 looked like this 😳… And advice to help it from dying?
3ft to light, indirect
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Best Answer
I think it might be okay. Purple Waffles seem to be pretty forgiving, in my opinion. I've left mine by the cold window before and forgotten to water it for days. It still bounces right back!
You were absolutely right!☺️ It bounced right back. I noticed a couple spots on the leafs but my baby is still alive… Thanx!
These plants are very dramatic when they aren’t watered when they want to be, everytime it needs to water mine decides to play dead but they are very resilient and you shouldn’t worry too much about this when it happens! Just a sign they need some water!

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