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#WateringWednesday Time! #WetThosePlants
#RJGAsksGreg how many do you have to water today? today i have 8 scheduled by Greg! What about you? post a happy plant watering update too while you're at it! lets Wet Some Plants #GregGang!!! #HappyPlants #WonderingWednesday #FicusGang #FicusFam #PothosPack #CalatheaCrew #HoyaHangout #CactusClique #SucculentSquad #OrchidOrg #MonsteraMob #PhiloFlock #OrchidLovers #PLANTMAFIA
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None, oddly enough. Next watering not until Saturday.
Zero πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
@Curry there is only one solution.....More Plants
7 scheduled but I have a couple I’ll probably water a little early!
@BJoyce getting them bonus pointssss
@RJG πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
Zero today! Yesterday was watering day
@BoozyBillsBabe see previous reply to @Curry about this weird "zero" phenomenon
69 here
@Megan also Nice.
@RJG gonna spend my whole afternoon watering tbh
@Megan sounds so pleasant and relaxing
@Megan nice
where is @KaylieS with her 653
@RJG I had 8 and had to snooze 5.
@BehattedLlama I think you need more plants then πŸ‘€
@KikisOasis solid day!
18 today!
Six here!
66 πŸ₯΄ send help
Just 1
4 babies today! Plus my rosemary in the kitchen 🌱🌲
@Megan has you beat @Kiersten
@RJG my app is glitching 😭😭😭
@KaylieS do a post to @martin and explain! there are some known issues rn they're working on
@KaylieS @Kiersten send us a video recording of what you’re seeing to and we’ll investigate further!
I had 4 to water, just watered them now
9 here!
13 with more tomorrow… 52 houseplants in all😊
I have 25 scheduled, probably going to water about 10-15 of them and procrastinate the rest πŸ˜† I don’t have a freshly watered pic BUT here’s my latest #PlantShelfie
Three, plus one that I watered ahead of schedule. Rudy was drooping at me. Poor fern. 😝
@mishem did you mark it watered early so Greg would learn?!
I have 12 to water today! Pretty light load. Can’t wait to get home to check on them!
@Nataleaf Absolutely stellar setup!!
26 today! One day it said 50 πŸ’€
Today was a 32/66 plants ooof soo alot of bottom watering
Zero today! But had 17 yesterday after a weekend out of town.
3 plants to water today!
25 today! This work diva is getting some good booty chugging done after a long weekend away.
I had 7!
I only had to water my monstera because she’s a thirsty gal
Today is my 0 watering day πŸ˜‹ My succulents are not ready for watering.
21…. I’ve really been slacking and now my plants are maf
@Ratshell mad*
10! With a new #FLF leaf poking through
none scheduled… but some dry soil so i’m watering early!
@mommys_plants make sure you mark them watered in Greg so that it learns your plants!
I had none scheduled today but I was checking a couple plants and noticed my Hoya was really dry so I decided to water him
@Dezibynature did you tell Greg!
@RJG I did! This is the second time that’s happened with Squiggles and I let Greg know both times so I’m sure the watering will be getting updated soon.
@Dezibynature it takes time to learn!
69 πŸ˜…
@bexplants nice. also @Megan you have competition!!
3 today! Watered 10 on MondayπŸ˜‡
3 today from Greg but added a couple to that, my watering rhythm isnt quite right yet. Only a couple weeks on here.
Zero…. I have more but I don’t have premium. Debating lifetime.
I have 2!
Only had four I needed to water my smallest Phals
Just two.
@tango it's totally worth it!
@LoveTreeHill it's great once it has your plants down !
19 πŸ™„
Done! I’ve marked off all 69 plants! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Some of them were snoozed. That took a while haha! But, I enjoyed every moment!
31 for me!
8 today, 16 tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll be snoozing a bunch though.
19! And I can’t stop touching my silky soft new monstera leaf!
My bubble gum tradescantia nanouk are growing like crazy. They are 1 of 8 to be watered today.