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wonky growth
hello all :) i recently bought a snow queen pothos from my local nursery after months of waiting on back order. it seems as though they didn’t take the best care of her though, as she’s quite leggy with a lot of tiny leaves. as of now, she’s got the brightest spot in the house as i assume these issues are due to lack of light. other than these minor issues she’s very healthy. but is there a way to fix this wonky growth? she’s a gorgeous plant and i’d love to see her with large, lush leaves.
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
If you cut the leggy growth, it will encourage new growth in the middle.
@missmichelex hi! sorry for the late response but thanks for the advice! i won’t lie? i am scared to trim it because it is unfurling some new leaves but they’re super tiny, smaller than my thumb nail. i guess i should do it if it will promote fuller growth?
Cut and propagate definitely. also not to be a downer but this looks much more like an n joy than a snow queen.
@vanillaisblue i personally don’t know the difference between the two, so i’m just going by what the tag says 🤷‍♀️

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