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Grow lights and Humidifiers for Winter?
Hey #PlantMoms and Dads - I’m looking for a quality but affordable grow light and humidifier for my plants coming into winter.

I have mostly pothos, monstera, philodendron, arrowhead etc. and most are pretty small in about 10-20cm pots. It’s my first winter with plants and I don’t want to kill them!! #NewPlantMom

If anyone has any recommendations on grow lights and/or humidifiers, preferably ones available in New Zealand or Australia, please leave your comments below!

Particularly if anyone knows the difference/pros/cons of different colours of grow lights eg. red vs blue vs white, that would be much appreciated!
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Red light encourages flowers, blue light encourages foliage. Personally I think a balanced white light (all colours) is best! If you want something OP a 1000w LED (eg pic 1) will be strong enough for any plants! Most will be happy with 350-750w which you can get in bulbs 💡 too if you have a nice lampshade (pic 2) if you like strip lights t5 are well loved by many (pic3). Don’t stress too much! Mine are living under aquarium lights 🤣 (pic4)
Humidifier Recommendation:
This has a 1 gallon capacity and can run almost all day.
@HoyaAddict thank you! I will have a look into all of these. Trying to find an affordable option as I’m just starting off and have a pretty small collection! I have been looking at this specific grow light but was unsure if it’s any good - see pics
@AwesomePlants thanks for this recommendation! Unfortunately shipping to NZ is $80! But will have a look for similar options
@alexschildren These aren’t super strong but are super cute! I would keep them about 6 inches from your plants to have good affect. But they should definitely be enough to keep them happy over winter!
It depends on your setup. My plants main light source are my grow lights.

If you have shelves or can hang, I'd recommend the GE tube light to hang:

I bought two 5 socket flexible lamps at Walmart and put GE full spectrum lights in them. I have them pointed for plants on my bookcases and my 5 foot BOP.

GE Full Spectrum Light Bulbs:

5 socket flexible lamp:

I have two of tripods for plant stands and even my big boys like them including my "fickle" leaf figs. They also have a clip version you can clip anywhere.
@alexschildren Did you check online at local stores? Walmart? IDK what's in NZ but that's a popular brand so you may find it locally maybe.
@alexschildren looks like @HoyaAddict has you covered 💯
I lost 2 snake plants ~ they were upstairs. I thought for a moment that I should bring them down. I didn’t they froze. 😢 #Texashaswintertoo #poorsnakeplants #stillsad #winter🥶
@HoyaAddict Thanks for all the tips
@HopefulTexasgal You’re welcome! I’m sorry about your snake plants 😭
I use the Levoit ultrasonic humidifier. It can run about 36-40 hours on low but it puts out a good amount of humidity that is cool to the touch. My anthuriums love it. As for grow lights: I have used red, violet, blue, and bright white full spectrum. My plants did best with the full spectrum white. They should have a timer and you may want to keep an eye on your plant health because they have a daily dormancy that needs to be respected.

I found my humidifier on Amazon. Levoit Classic 200s.

For mini humidifiers, I ordered the SmartDevil 200ml ultrasonic. It runs about 18 hours and is cool mist.

If you need a good humidity monitor, look at the Govee Mink Hygrometer with Bluetooth. I can set alarms if the humidity drops below the set percentage or goes over the max I’ve chosen.
I love the plantspectrum from It is well built, adaptable to many applications and even has serviceable parts.
@talomas yes i have this very pleasant color and not to say the aesthetic is on point!
I’m in the same boat, my first winter (NZ too) with most of my plants and I reallllly don’t want them to die. There’s so many options out there and it can be so overwhelming. I’m looking at grow lights as well but I don’t have a clue, there’s some great info on this post so thanks for asking!

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