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What's the best thing to feed my venus flytrap?

Can I feed these to my venus flytrap?
I think the thing they need the most is lots and lots of light!!
It will probably do fine without supplemental feeding, but it you want to hand feed it I would use live mealworms. The traps are triggered by movement, so if the insect doesn’t move a bit, the trap may just open back up without digesting it.
Ok, thank you!
You can but honestly i think if you're gonna splurge on some food for them you should get living bugs. Just find some in nature and feed them with that. Dead bugs dont move and dont trigger the plant's traps letting them know they got a live bug! Also be very laid back with feeding because they don't need much!
Ok, thank you again :)
I don’t feed mine. Even if they don’t eat bugs they still grow.

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