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Brown around bottom
Hi! I’ve had this barrel cactus for 3 years and it’s starting to get brown around the bottom. Is this too much water?
4” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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If you already repotted it in new soil wait and watch it closely for 3-7 days before watering again. If it’s rot you’ll see black spots form. Over time they will develop corking. Corking will eventually turn into almost like a wood tree trunk at the base of the cactus. It will do that in order to support the weight as it gets bigger over time. So it could just be developing a callous at the base basically as it grows. Also they seem to do that to help keep the base from rotting. But be very careful not to overwater. It’s just better to underwater. They can survive underwatering but can’t survive rot without cutting the bottom rotted part off. So make sure you wait in between watering and have a good quick draining soil as they mentioned. Rabbit hill farms soilless cactus mix helps make sure the soil dries fast since there isnt really any organic soil in it. Use a soil moisture meter to make sure the soil is dry all the way to the bottom before watering again. That’s the hardest part to get used to. Trying to take care of them is what kills them. They thrive on neglect
Yes, it has probably been overwatered. If the lower area is soft or mushy, the plant is dying. 😊
@SirLiquorice Any advice here to help Spike get better?
@tmbryant37 @SirLiquorice I’d like to hear too - my friend has one that is brown and squishy similar to this! I repotted for him and tried to save the root but not sure there is much hope
Most likely overwatering or could be a fungus if soil has been too damp - neem oil spray can rid the fungus. Depending on what soil you have can also affect the plant. Jacks gritty mix for cacti and succulents is a good choice from Amazon.
Thank you all! I’ll snooze on watering and will purchase some of that jacks gritty mix. I’ll keep y’all posted on his healing process!
@lemrobs If it's definitely squishy at the bottom your best bet is to cut off all the squish, let the open end callous over, and then stick it in soil. The part that is healthy will eventually grow new roots.
@tmbryant37 ah crap I just buried the root without it callusing. Wish I could post the video here, it was wild. I’ll let him know. Thanks!
If the part in the soil still had roots then you might be okay, but if it's open it's probably best to pull it out, clean off the soil, let it callous and then replant. If you don't let the open part seal off it will just continue to rot
@SirLiquorice THANK YOU! This is so helpful.
@lemrobs you usually have to cut the top off and root the top once the brown and black spots show up. By then it’s too late to save it but cutting it and growing roots on the top healthy part can usually save it

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