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Need help getting Lola back to health!
My first plant ever, my sweet orchid girl, got a fungal infection 😭 I saw the signs but didn’t realize what was happening, and when I finally looked into it all of her blooms were infected. I saw to cut them off and pick up any that had dropped. And even though her leaves look pretty healthy, I want to be sure before I repot her and check her roots. I noticed some little imperfections and it made me nervous so just want to see what y’all think since she was infected 😅😅 this happened after I repotted her, so I’m going to remove the soil for now to let her roots breath and remove any mushy or dried out roots! If you have any other recommendations please let me know! 💓
6” pot
Last watered 19 hours ago
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Hi @Orchidmomma your plant looks really healthy! A fungal infection on the blooms usually is because droplets of water have dried on them, which could be from watering or misting (or even before you got her if she is new - this can happen from poor conditions, poor watering or being out in the rain). As it was just the blooms affected, I don’t think it will pass to the leaves or roots. The roots look good and should be fine to be repotted in bark/sphagnum - You’ve got enough roots to not need to water culture them, so I would repot as soon as you can. What media was she in before? It’s best to try and go for a very similar potting media as she will adapt more quickly. Drastic changes in potting media can cause transplant shock or stress and the orchid can start shedding its roots (but it’s totally recoverable, so don’t worry if this happens). After you repot, you might notice that the leaves droop or go bendy - it’s totally normal. Orchids get stressed when they are repotted. But they should pick up after a few weeks. Keep an eye on the roots and if they look silver, it’s time to water even if the media is still on the damp side - you might find they need watering more after a repot while they are adapting. If you ever do find patches of fungus on the leaves, you can treat it with cinnamon or hydrogen peroxide 3%. Cinnamon is great for orchids - it’s a natural antibacterial and dries up patches of rot/fungus. Your orchid looks strong and healthy and should make a full recovery!! Keep us updated with how it goes 😊
Update: from what I can tell her roots seemed pretty healthy! I cut off very little black. I’ve seen that it’s good to barely submerge them in water, did I do this right? 😅
@MotherOfOrchids any ideas?✨💚
@MotherOfOrchids this is amazing, thank you so much! 🥲 I will be sure to go ahead and repot her and keep you updated on how she’s doing!
@MotherOfOrchids repotted for now, thank you for the info! 🥰

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