Posted 2w ago by @drakosmüm

My Bb toes.. 😞
I recently got a baby toes succulent, repotted it and watered. All seems well and they looked perky, just pruned 2 wrinkly ones last week. Until this morning, I saw its stalks gave in without warning 😔 what could’ve gone wrong? I saw it’s little stalk kinda mushy, could it be root rot? It’s potting mix was dry as i checked. 😞
2” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
@vvvelo do you have any ideas as to what may have happened? I’m not good with succulents. @Sassylimey
You have rotting root somewhere
I would recommend you dig them out and replace the soil with dry soil and do not water this plan for at least one week minimum.
@vvvelo thank you.
Thanks alot @KikiGoldblatt @vvvelo .. i wish it’s still salvageable. Will keep u posted 😌🙏
@drakosmüm maybe try to propagate some of the leaves as a precaution as I think this is stem root.
@Gordo i actually set aside some leaves, however, i see they just shrivelled, no roots. 😕 i’ll keep some from this arrangement and see if there’d be anything good. Thank you again.
@drakosmüm no problem. Hopefully it will bounce back and if not the propagation will root for you.

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