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I’m thinking of buying the only crassula I like the buddhas temple. Can anyone give me pointers on how to care for it? Ie do you suggest using fertilizer on them? What can I do to keep it growing straight up and not leaning, is miracle@gro for succulents good enough soil, what size pot should I get for it etc (I think it’s coming in a 1” terracotta pot which I’ve never seen before) #SucculentSquad apparently the seller says I need to stake it when I get it (or soon after) I have no idea how stake these guys without hurting the leaves :(
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I found this online. This plant is on my list as well. I wouldn’t worry about staking it until it needs it.
Terracotta pot with drainage for sure! I am sure @vvvelo can give you more details....🥰
Thank you @PlantEsteem
Thank you! @FitSedum the seller said they have to be staked soon so im neevous 😦, the seller is on Etsy ctsairplants he’s been great at answering messAges
@Lithopslover you can get a plant stake and place it in the soil next to it. Or you can get 4 and put one in each side furthest from the roots so you can tie string around it to help it stay upright. They generally grow up to 6 inches unless they are much older. Stay away from the roots. You’ll be fine.
@FitSedum how do you use the string and not hurt the leaves?
@Lithopslover It’s not a thin string. It’s more of a flat thin cord that you have to carefully tie. You also want to not pull so much so they aren’t bruised. If I want to keep my plants upright, I turn them 1/4 turn weekly. If you can’t do it because you don’t have time, tying them does the work for you. You still have to check and adjust but you do t have to worry about them falling over.
Amazing to hear rotating will prevent leaning! I use a grow tent I was hoping that would help too (light should be the same in all directions) @FitSedum
@Lithopslover it usually does unless the plant is too heavy. In this case, TBT may become too heavy so once it gets a certain height. I would just keep an eye on it once it gets 2-3 inches tall.

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