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Root rot and miraclegro?
I was checking on some of my plants today and this one readily dropped a ton of leaves (right side) which made me realize that it looks like it’s suffering from root rot 🥲 I recently repotted this succulent from the larger plant it was with, about 3 weeks ago. I had previously used BlackGold succulent and cacti soil, but ran out and could only find Miraclegro succulent soil. I immediately realized that it had no perlite and seemed kind of fibrous, but it had okay reviews and specified it was for succulents so I thought it would be okay. I did notice it takes awhile to fully dry out after being watered. Has anyone else had this issue, should I repot all my succulents that are in this soil? I’m assuming I should make the chop today to try and save this one?
2” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
I'm sorry to hear about your plant. 🥺 I think the Miracle Grow retains more water than other succulent mixes.

You can always get a pot full of the succulent mix that you like, cut the plant (and let it callus over), then put it in the new mix. Soon, roots should grow and you plant will have a new start! 😊

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