Posted 2w ago by @ChirpyCorn

I don’t know why it’s turning like this 😔😭😭
6” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
It is looking towards the sun
If the leaves are turning yellow and getting soft before falling off it's probably from overwatering. If they get yellow and turn crispy it is likely underwatered. I would suggest repotting it into a well draining soil and in a pot with drainage. If you don't have a pot with a hole you can also add an inch or two of pumice/lava rock/gravel in the bottom to keep the excess water away from the roots.
please get a pot with drainage !! there’s probably water pooling at the bottom and it may be causing root rot
Yellowing and softness with ZZ’s usually occur because of being overwatered. I don’t water mine often, and when Greg recommends me to, I always check 2-3” down and see if it’s dry and then I either water or click snooze. Also, definitely get a pot with drainage! Or you can probably drill a hole in that one. They also don’t like too much light, one of my ZZ’s was getting too much sun and was getting soft and discolored at the tip of a leaf, once I moved it and watered less, they became firm again.
Good luck!

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