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Why the dying leaves?

My climbing aloe has come such a long way and has grown so tall. I'll definitely be repotting her into bigger digs come spring, should she need it. However, I've noticed that her lower leaves are drying out and dying. I've kept her watered and let her dry out between. She sits in a west-facing window and gets good light. What could be wrong? I don't want her to get too leggy. #aloevera #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #succulentsquad #climbingaloe
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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From my experience these do what they want when they want I had this plant for 3 year looked up one day it started popping baby’s second picture is one of the baby’s from last year removed them gave away some . Decided to just let the other baby’s stay and the tips willl brown and that’s natural . I’ve had it since 2019and it just started producing baby a few years after I got it looked up one day and it had grew taller over night from being a baby for years . I’ve repoted it 3 times and won’t be reporting agin for a while . Good luck my mother plant has always been close to south facing window And grow light they are just leggy plants that live by there name climbing aloe
It's definitely time to repot this Spring. Till this time, get some seaweed food from the nursery, and water with the seaweed solution every second watering. Seaweed is not a fertilizer, it's like vitamins for plants.
That’s a beauty!!
So cool!