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Pearl echeveria struggling
Since moving to a house with less direct daylight, this plant has been doing some funky things! Dropping leaves, reaching toward light, showing spotting on leaves. Is this just a problem with too little light, overwatering, or something else? Other succulents in the same box (another echeveria and a burro tail) are doing fine. Worried there is a fungus or something.


Have you checked the roots? Also when a plant is leaning towards the light they need more of it! Try a grow light or move her to a more litted area in the house!
It does need more light. Also check for insects.
I’d move her to her own terra cotta pot in fast draining succulent soil in a brighter window. Beware of western windows due to sun burning. It can be done BUT acclimate slowly building up exposure time gradually over a week or so starting with no more than an hour per day on the sill. If you have open blinds/curtains and a table or something similar you can place it on the table/shelf at a distance just gradually moving it closer each day. The stretching will cease and the new growth will better cover the stems. I have a string of dolphins that did this. I moved it to a strongly lit east window sill and it immediately corrected it. πŸ₯°

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