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I need some real talk y’all.
Flower shop life I’ve said a few times I work in one. I love it. I used to love it. After a year and a half of putting my all into this o finally convinced them to invest in a large amount of plants. We got 35 today. It’s what I’ve always wanted, the plant truck guy said he loves me and thinks of me as a niece and I’m his favorite on the route. I help him unload everything and when I’m on delivery he waits for me to come back so i can get on the truck and see if I want anything. But today I’m putting everything in their matching baskets and putting things everywhere around the shop and I was talking about what we got saying I can put this here and we don’t have to water for this amount of time blah blah blah, and she comes back and says we talked (her and her mom) (family business I work for) and says instead of watering when they need it o need to water a little everyday, we’re talking snake plants, zzs, palms, flf, monsteras, split leafs and more. She said I need to make a schedule and so on, which is fine but…. I work 6 days a week I can keep up with a regular watering schedule not have to water everyday. Listen I’m stressed for so many reasons but one of them is killing these plants. Pls tell me there’s a way to safely do this and not end in root rot everywhere, for my job sake I have to do this but I don’t even know what to do about this #plantmommo #NKYGregGroup #GregGang #GregFeedback #NotSoHappyPlants
Ughhjjj I know this feeling. Umm act like you’re watering them or give like a drop???
Have you told them about us? Could you make a Greg account for the store? Then you'd have an automatically generated schedule and if it was a shared store iPad everyone could see it!

Idk if this is possible but an idea.
@RJG The problem is having a weekly rotation of plants, I’m the only one that would keep up with it and I have to constantly come behind them and update the website about stock because they won’t, and they won’t listen to any thing I have to say 🥲, but the second a customer comes in and wants a plant they always have me do it because they say I know more then them
@RJG I started putting post it notes in plants because I noticed a health decline, saying don’t water until … and they laughed 😊
@Mrgncrch okay what about a sticker system. You put a sticker on the pot w date your watered it and date it's due.
@Mrgncrch scratch that 🙃
@RJG I know, it’s frustrating, we have so many beautiful plants and I just hope I can sell them before they decline in health ☹️
Why are they not okay with you fully managing it if you're there 6 days a week?
@RJG That’s what I’m saying, I have full control of everything but they want me to water everyday 😫, even when I specifically said these snake plants don’t need to be watered but every 3 ish weeks sitting in the back of the shop we don’t have to worry about those…. Etc….. and there solution to every plant problem is to soak it, it’s droopy? Soak it it’s yellowing? Soak it Its going on delivery? Soak it 🙂
@Mrgncrch I mean eventually they'll learn because everything will die but I would hate for them to stop selling plants because of that.

Cant blame them on the water. They're florist. All they know is chop and water 😜
@RJG That’s happened before 😅 They sold all kinds of plants and then when everything died they stopped, the other daughter who was my art teacher who I’m also very close with is really into plants and she understands she has a few shop rehab plants from the first round, it’s just hard I don’t want to kill the plants but I don’t wanna lose my job
Why would they want you to water plants that don’t need to be watered everyday? That’s a wast of money both ways? I’m SO sorry that you’re going through this and you’re amazing for caring about the plants. Do you know how many of each plant you have? Cause then you could just add one of each to your oasis and then water all of those when Greg tells you too?
Could you lie about watering everyday?
Find some plant care cards or something official looking that has watering requirements...then make them explain their logic for going against said watering recommendations....then tell them no you can't knowingly kill the plants!!! They obviously got their info somehow somewhere 🙄 🤔
@PlantyPlanter I think I’m gonna try to make a list tonight and be official proposal tomorrow, like hey these fiddles we can water on fridays, these Monsteras we can water on Tuesdays and so one and so forth and hopefully I can’t figure this out 😖
@Mrgncrch good luck! The #GregGang has your back!
WTF!!? 😳 What’s the point of selling plants if you’re gonna destroy them!? Really sucks for the people buying the plants too. They don’t seem like the most reasonable persons so I would try to reach them through the business aspect. Plants will deteriorate, which means either eventually die before being sold or look dreadful so customers won’t want them (or be upset when they buy something that dies 2 weeks later). That’s bad business. It wouldn’t kill them to learn a little bit about the plants and their needs to better sell them… ☹️ *smh*
@jcPlantProper @RJG @PlantyPlanter @BeesZenGarden @angelw1975 A little update on the watering saga, I talked with the daughter and said I’m really scared all of these plants are gonna rot, and she’s with me she knows, she said oh they are, when they decline in health maybe she’ll change, so i guess we’re watering everyday and we’ll see how this goes, she said they get light everyday they need to be watered everyday, im sitting here dying because more light doesn’t always equal more water 🤦🏻‍♀️ but the snake babies are safe she said not to water those everyday but she does want all plants to stay damp 🫠
@Mrgncrch Well at least one understands! It’s half the battle won, right?
How about taking three plants, one each of three different types, like a monstera, snake, and whatever. Tell them you want to have full control of just those three. Ask them to watch and compare those three to the plants under their watering regimen. Tell them they are in business to make money and that you can show them how they can spend less (less water, less manpower, less upkeep) and make a good profit by having healthy plants that fly off the shelf. Might be worth a try and it would only “risk” 3 plants.
@TruthfulApricot That’s an amazing idea I’ll try to pitch this 😊
@Mrgncrch Good luck! Let me know what happens. ❤️
I'm late. But can you buy a moisture meter? That way you can SHOW them. Look this plant doesn't NEED water. You will KILL it and lose your profit!

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