Posted 1Y ago by @alinayp

Why are my leaves turning like this?
Pilea Plant
Maybe review how much light and water your plants getting you need to make sure that your plant dries out between each watering
Also what kind of plant is it?
@Skye123 Pilea
Are the younger leaves turning yellow too or just the old ones?
Because it is a mountain plant try to reduce watering and make sure you soil is still fresh and is providing enough nutrients for you plant to flourish
@RJG older ones
@alinayp I would think @Skye123 is maybe on to something with the light. Since it's only the old leaves it's not a big deal. The plant is just shedding them in favor of the younger leaves. if you up there light slightly it may be able to retain the older leaves for longer.
@RJG Okay thank you for the help
@Skye123 Thank you :)
Pilaes tend to need more light as they are an alpine plant so try to give them more light. Light through your window is phenomenally weaker than direct light from the sun to make sure it’s getting enough as it’s evolved to be on the top of mountains where it is closer to the sun so has stronger sunlightοΏΌοΏΌ
Some of the younger leaves higher up look a very healthy dark green. Do you rotate your plant? I notice that when leaves don’t get sun for a while they are β€œabandoned” and the energy is put elsewhere.
Make sure it’s not sitting in water and it could be your tap water. I use a brita to filter the water for my plants 😊