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What pest is this? Spider mites?
I started finding these little bugs on my plants today, and they’re on quite a few of them. They’re really tiny and white and there are MANY of them just crawling around mostly near the base of my plants. There isn’t any webbing on the plants and I immediately sprayed them all down with soapy water, but since there isn’t any webbing I’m not quite sure what these are (and whether I should even try to get rid of them). I haven’t noticed any damage to my plants, if anything they’re actually thriving…?! #help #pesthelp #pestID
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Soil Mites will occur solely along and beneath the compost line. If you find small white critters roaming the foliage of your plant, you may be looking at a Spider Mites infestation. Plants - All species are susceptible to Soil Mites, including plants that require moist soil.

There are many species of soil mites and all are close relatives to ticks and spiders. Soil mites are not thought to cause any damage to plants and, in fact, are oftentimes deemed to be beneficial to the decomposition process.

Spider mites are first treated by pruning infested areas before spraying the leaves with neem oil diluted in water. But if they are in your soil I recommend changing your soil immediately.
It sounds like you have a case of Mealy Bugs. The Best way I have found to get rid of them is with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew. You can find it on Amazon. Works Wonders!!
Check the soil .. chances are theyre just soil mites .. they are harmless to the plant and feed off fungi/algaes in the soil and can actually be quite beneficial to the quality of your compost .. no worries my plants must have thousands! 😂
@KikiGoldblatt I see them mostly in the soil but some of them do climb up the stems of my leaves…I don’t really see them on the foliage at all. Soil mites then?? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
@GreenFern if they’re all up in my soil then they’re soil mites? Phew!!!
From your photos that what it seems like to me 👍🏼

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